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Hey there,


We are Aimee and Patrick Nelson the owner/operators of Crowsfeet Farmstead.  Our goal is to become a self reliant and sustainable farmstead.  This means we would produce all of our own foods and as many products for daily life as possible.  Our main crops are Tayberries, apples, plums, and a diverse selection of vegetables.


We are dedicated to the most ecologically sound practices in farming.  We utilize both traditional and modern methods to minimize our environmental impact.  Native habitat ecology is very important to us here at Crowsfeet Farmstead that's why Aimee has dedicated to restoring various portions of our land.  Ebey island has rich plant diversity and we want to make sure it's preserved for future generations of both animals and humans alike.

Aimee graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in botany before going on to work in habitat restoration.  She loves the soil and plans to hold various classes and tours in the near future.

Patrick grew up in and around agriculture in northern California.  He has been a landscaper, Farmer, chef, restaurant consultant, and event specialist.  He will be hosting classes, special farm to fork dinners, cookouts, and other food + beverage oriented events.

Together with our wonderfully supportive family, friends, and our daughters Pepper and Ophelia we are striving to grow the highest quality foods using sustainable and all natural methods.


See you out on the farm!

The Crowsfeet Farmstead Family

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